About VG


VG is an experienced and sound contracting company with specialist expertise in all types of construction projects where the sea meets the shore.

As a customer or collaboration partner, you can count on us. We pride ourselves on our attention to detail, taking responsibility for the entire project from design to project management and execution. By listening to and involving our customers, we create security and customer satisfaction.

Our specialist expertise is deeply rooted in our company, and we only accept projects that we can vouch for. VG’s strength is our high degree of specialisation and your guarantee for quality in the entire project. VG is a market leader in Denmark with extensive experience and an innovative approach to marine construction.

VG is a flexible collaboration partner capable of meeting the customer’s requirements. Based on a principle of agility, we are geared to handle adjustments in relation to deadlines, financial framework and different requirements for equipment and staff. In case of questions, suggestions for change or adjustments of requirements it is easy and quick to get answer. Our flat organisational structure ensures that we maintain a high efficiency.

VG was founded as an independent company on 1 January 2001 but until then, it was a division of the company Vejlby Grusleje A/S founded in 1961. VG has 45 skilled employees and is a company of the Aarsleff Group. 


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No matter whether we undertake a project in a design and build contract, a main contract, a trade contract or in a joint venture or a partnership, the project is managed in an optimal way with the focus on efficiency and knowledge sharing. Our customers can always feel safe when they hand over the responsibility to us and rest assured that project management, communication and involvement will be carried out timely and adequately.

VG can assist with everything from liaising with public authorities to design and execution. Based on our network of contacts, we can provide you with our own know-how and contacts.

ISO 9001, 14001, og 45001



At VG, it is a basic principle that all our processes and values are defined and acknowledged in all parts of the company. Combined with regular quality controls, this provides us with a management system which ensures the highest possible quality and efficient project management. The management system is also a useful management tool for structured evaluation, providing the opportunity to correct the company’s processes and initiatives on a current basis.

At VG, we are very much aware of the consequences of climate changes due to CO2 emissions and environmental impacts. We must improve continuously, and it is vital that we make an effort to reduce the impact on the environment.

That’s why VG is certified according to ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 45001.


ISO 9001-certificate (QUALITY)


ISO 14001-certificate (ENVIRONMENTAL)


ISO 45001-certificate (HEALTH AND SAFETY)


VG is known for its large and specialised fleet of machinery. Several machines are custom-built to handle stonework along the coast.

Our customers must be able to count on that a VG machine is well-maintained and fully functioning, as all our work processes rely on the equipment. We take pride in servicing, maintaining and expanding our equipment currently. We have our own workshop with experienced staff who ensure that our machines function optimally.

As a result of our broad experience and an innovative approach to marine construction, our fleet of machinery consists of robust and well-maintained equipment.