Project manager Claus Agger Wiborg

At VG, we focus on job satisfaction. In addition to complying with the requirements to occupational health and safety, we must also live up to our own requirements of being a workplace of choice. That’s how we make sure that our employees like going to work and develop professionally and personally and take ownership.

According to Project manager Claus Agger Wiborg, there are many reasons for a high employee satisfaction: ”At VG, there is a great confidence in the employees – with regard to professionalism as well as commitment. And our management is prepared to delegate responsibility to the employees. This gives us a feeling of freedom in our work and the confidence to handle processes on our own. As a VG employee we feel appreciated, and all efforts count, no matter whether you are a plant driver or an engineer.”

In terms of specialisation and professional development, there is no doubt that the company prioritises its employees and wants to retain them: ”VG has good opportunities for development. How much and when is up to me. Of course, I must find the time for it and the projects are my first priority, but apart from that I can basically attend as many courses as I like. Also there’s a lot of development connected with the work itself. I’m a part of all the phases of the projects, so I keep a lot of balls in the air. This gives me important experience, practically, personally and professionally,” says Claus Agger Wiborg.

Claus Agger Wiborg has worked as a site manager in VG since 2013 and has many different assignments. As a Project manager in VG you’re involved right from the tender phase, in the estimation phase, during execution and quality assurance as well as handing-over. According to Claus Agger Wiborg, the different assignments are actually the best part of the work: ”I’m involved in all the phases of the work – from the beginning until the end. At VG, you’re not stuck in one function. We’re all involved and participate in discussions, and thanks to our flat organisational structure, there’s a short distance from management to the team on the sites, so it’s easy to agree on suggestions for changes and improvements.”


Claus Agger Wiborg also commends his colleagues. “They are very dedicated! They are quality-conscious and responsible and take pride in supplying the best product to the customer. There is only a limited need for supervision – they know how to do everything themselves and have the professional pride that ensures the best result each time.”

”If somebody stops by and asks who has carried out the work,
nobody is afraid of saying: that’s us.
That’s VG!”

According to Claus Agger Wiborg the employees motivate each other: ”As a natural consequence of our collaboration across the company, new employees adapt our values at once because they feel the commitment from the employees that have worked here for years. And if your colleagues seek to achieve the best result, then you tend to do it yourself.”


”We’re a strong player in the business because our staff is a mixture of employees with experience and younger employees with an innovative approach. We know that our work requires niche skills. As an example, we don’t just allow any plant driver to operate the excavator – he must have a good feel for the machine. And when the entire production is waiting for you to finish your work, you must be able to keep calm. Our work requires specialist training, so we must hire qualified staff regularly with commitment and the right personal qualities,” says Claus Agger Wiborg and continues: ”And then of course it’s essential that we have the best equipment. I’m responsible for maintaining the efficiency and quality in the work and much of the work is also dependent on materials and equipment, and at VG I have everything I need. This is also important in terms of employee satisfaction as we avoid frustrations that are related to the equipment.”


VG’s main office is located in Lemvig in the western part of Jutland but Claus Agger Wiborg points out: "VG covers the entire coastline, so in principle my workplace is located in all of Denmark. I spend a lot of time with my colleagues, and this gives us a close working relationship which makes it fun to go to work. Building from land to sea with stones from Sweden and Norway transported on barges requires a lot of coordination, but when you succeed and everything falls into place after working 24/7, you feel great.”


If you’re looking for a workplace where you’re not lost in the crowd and where you can work independently, then VG is the place: ”At VG responsibility is assigned to you from day one, and that is really good. As long as we have the required support and a quick introduction to the work, then we can start gaining experience and confidence fast. My job involves a lot of challenges, but as a result of management’s confidence in me, I’m not afraid of making decisions – and that is vital for the progress of the work. It makes me appreciate my job – also when we’re really busy,” Claus Agger Wiborg concludes.