VG wants to be the collaboration partner of choice for any project within coastal protection and harbour construction. With decades of experience and an extensive track record of projects carried out on behalf of the Danish Coastal Authority, regions, municipalities, different coastal protection guilds and private customers, VG has the knowledge and the expertise to tender for any type of coastal project – irrespective of size and complexity.


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Coastal protection

VG specialises in any type of work in or near the water. We have extensive experience and a unique degree of specialisation allowing us to handle all types of coastal protection. VG undertakes any type of project within slope protection, sand nourishment, embankments, fishing reef or establishment of piers or breakwaters, and we offer to provide expert feedback and a high level of expertise.

Beach nourishment with sand is a good solution to prevent slopes and sand dunes from erosion through tidal action. A dredging vessel collects the sand from the bottom of the sea and pumps it ashore by means of pipes. Afterwards, we handle and place the sand according to the instructions provided.

VG has the capacity to provide the required staff and equipment enabling us to service the vessels which transport the sand. We work 24/7 for as many weeks as it takes – and on more locations at the same time.

Still more frequent and severe storms make coastal protection in the form of slope protection more and more relevant to landowners, municipalities as well as public authorities.

Slope protection is often combined with beach nourishment. The purpose is to avoid erosion of the slope or the sand dunes which may collapse and fall into the sea over time or after a severe storm. The structure is established at the foot of the slope and is built with stones adapted to the water level and wave height of the location.

VG has delivered slope protection for decades, building up a unique expertise within execution of long-lasting structures adapted to each specific stretch and blending in with the surrounding nature as much as possible.



When it comes to harbours, we can undertake any project, from minor repairs to establishment of major, new harbours. We specialise in the construction of marinas and piers of any size and complexity, and we guarantee an optimum structure – from core material to outer breakwaters. We have the required equipment, and our experienced staff are specialists in this type of work, which also includes establishment of boat jetties with concrete work and installations for electricity and water.


VG has extensive experience in building marinas. Our capabilities enable us to handle the entire construction process from new constructions and expansions to repairs. Our operations cover everything from dredging, land reclamation, repair, renovation, new establishment, building of fixed bridges, design and liaising with public authorities. We undertake trade contracts, main contracts and design and build contracts e.g. in joint ventures or consortia and in partnering agreements.

Construction of marinas requires profound knowledge of a number of disciplines, such as dredging work, pontoon bridges, fixed bridges, moorings, electricity, water, piers and breakwaters. VG has many years of experience in the construction of marinas, and we possess specialist skills and are aware of all the challenges connected with this type of construction work.


VG offers to establish, expand or repair any type of pier, e.g. marinas or commercial ports. Construction of core material, slope drainage revetment and cover stones under water not only requires the right equipment but also the right staff and the right knowhow.

Receiving and handling large amounts of stones at delivery times which are precisely adjusted to the construction process, is vital to a robust and impressive result. Our experience and capacity allow us to guarantee optimum results on time.



Our machines must be robust and carefully maintained as they must be capable of handling large cover stones and small filter stones in any type of weather. At VG, we have our own workshop with competent and experienced technicians possessing unique knowledge about the challenges of working in seawater. And it is a high priority to us that our equipment is serviced and maintained.