the west coast of Jutland (2020-2023)

Receiving and levelling of pumped-in sand

The Danish Coastal Authority is responsible for inspecting the Danish coasts, including the west coast of Jutland. They are in charge of maintenance, e.g. in the form of beach nourishment. In that context, VG Entreprenør A/S entered into a framework agreement carried out in a subcontract with the Danish Coastal Authority for receiving and levelling of pumped-in sand along the west coast of Jutland.

The agreement runs for four years, and we expect to receive and level approx. 7 million cubic metres of pumped-in sand.

Our work along the west coast does not only comprise protection of towns and holiday cottage areas. The responsibility of the Danish Coastal Authority is also to observe and take action along the deserted, but critical sections of the west coast. This means that we sometimes work in areas that are difficult to access resulting in challenges with the mobilisation of our machines and staff.


  • Handling of approx. 7 million m3 of pumped-in sand

Kystdirektoratet (the Danish Coastal Authority)

Main contractor
Rohde Nielsen A/S

VG Entreprenør A/S



Type of contract
Framework agreement carried out in a subcontract

Consulting engineer
Kystdirektoratet (the Danish Coastal Authority)

Construction period