Coastal protection in faxe ladeplads


In a joint venture with Per Aarsleff A/S, VG Entreprenør
A/S has reestablished the coastal protection
along the road Strandvejen in the town of Faxe
Ladeplads, as the existing coastal protection had
been eroded by a storm in January 2014. Due to the
lack of coastal protection, there was a risk that the
existing retaining wall and thus the road Strandvejen
would collapse. By reestablishing
the coastal protection
we ensured that the road would not be eroded
by the sea in the near future.

New retaining wall
In addition to removing the existing retaining wall, our work comprised building a new 200-metre-long concrete retaining wall. We also improved an access ramp and established a new ramp of  concrete elements. On the outer side of the new retaining wall, we established new slope protection in granite stones and carried out beach nourishment with 285 tons of sand. On the inner side of the  retaining wall, we laid out new asphalt on the pavement and installed a new steel staircase on the  retaining wall providing access to the beach from the pavement.


  • 1,800 tons of filter stones
  • 3,500 m² of cover stones
  • 285 tons of sand

Faxe Municipality

Aarsleff-VG J.V.




Type of contract
Main contract

Consulting engineer

Construction period
October 2015-February 2016

Contract value
DKK 3.8 million