The west coast of Jutland (2014-2018)


The Danish Coastal Authority is responsible for inspecting the west coast in Denmark taking care of maintenance and beach nourishment, if required. In that context, VG Entreprenør A/S worked as a subcontractor for the Danish Coastal Authority in a framework agreement involving receiving and levelling of pumped-in sand material along the west coast of Jutland.

During the duration of the five-year-long framework agreement, we received and levelled up to ten  million cubic metres of pumped-in sand material.

Deserted areas that were difficult to access
The responsibilities of the Danish Coastal Authority also include the more deserted areas along the  west coast, so our work did not just comprise protection of towns and holiday cottage areas but also  areas that were difficult to access. This meant that the transportation of our machines to the areas caused some challenges.

Due to the weather conditions along the coast, our projects are usually carried out from March to  October. But when the weather is good, we work 24 hours a day, seven days a week.


  • Handling of approx. 10 million m³ of pumped-in sand material

The Danish Coastal Authority

Main contractor
Rohde Nielsen A/S

VG Entreprenør A/S



Type of contract
Subcontract in a framework agreement

Consulting engineer
The Danish Coastal Authority

Construction period