Vedbæk Harbour


VG Entreprenør A/S has expanded the existing harbour in Vedbæk in the period from March 2014 to May 2015 in a joint venture with the parent company Per Aarsleff A/S.

The harbour expansion included establishment of 600 running metres of new piers, which were to improve the entrance to the harbour, and establishment of 510 running metres of jetties allowing  more ships to berth in the harbour in future. In addition, we dredged the new harbour basin to a level between -3.20 and -3.75. The pumped-up sand was used for beach nourishment north of the harbour.

Removal and reincorporation
We began by demolishing some of the exisiting piers to provide space for the many metres of new jetties. Subsequently, most of the demolished rock material was incorporated in the new piers.

Harbour in operation
One of the great challenges of the harbour extension was that the harbour was still going to function as a marine during the construction period, just as the bathing guests at the beaches north and south of the harbour should not be bothered during spring and summer time. This meant that we had a close collaboration with Vedbæk Harbour about the dayto-day operations while maintaining a high focus on informing the many stakeholders of the harbour about our work.


  • 25,000 m³ of core material
  • 16,000 m³ of filter stones
  • 15,500 m³ of cover stones
  • 20,000 m³ of reincorporation of stones
  • 35,000 m³ of sand; dredged and used for beach nourishment
  • 610 piles for fixed bridges and 4 new pier heads
  • 15 pipes for pontoon bridges
  • 530 running metres of fixed bridge 

The foundation “Den erhvervsdrivende fond Vedbæk Havn”



Aarsleff-VG JV I/S

Collaboration partner
Per Aarsleff A/S

Type of contract

Consulting engineer
Niras A/S

Construction period
March 2014-May 2015

Contract value
DKK 32 million