Coastal protection near Ålsgårde


VG Entreprenør A/S has renovated the existing coastal protection on an almost 3-kilometre-long stretch for the coastal protection guild in the town of Alsgårde.

The coastal protection work comprised renovation and partly reconstruction of the slope protection on almost the entire stretch. In addition, several groynes and breakwaters were renovated or replaced by new structures.

Reincorporation of stones
We excavated, sorted and reincorporated a great part of the existing stones. This reduced the number of new stones that had to be purchased which contributed to keeping down construction costs.

The coastal protection work was carried out in several sub-phases in line with the client's requests. This meant that we only worked during the autumn months over a six-year period.

Restricted access conditions
One of the challenges of the work was to carry out the coastal protection between the many obstacles found on the stretch of coast e.g. in the form of bathing jetties and boat ramps. Also, the beach areas were small and did not provide much building space.


  • 3 km stretch of coast

Ålsgårde coastal protection guild

VG Entreprenør A/S


Type of contract
Main contract

Construction period
2007-2013 (autumn periods)

Contract value
DKK 12 million